outdoor and equine assisted learning centre


EAQ Manor Farm is an outdoor and equine-assisted learning centre set in 12 acres of beautiful Somerset countryside. We welcome those of all ages seeking acceptance, connection and nurture, personal growth and recovery. Children, young people and adults who are overcoming isolation, exclusion and social and emotional difficulties or who just love being outdoors amongst friendly people and animals find the space and opportunity here to grow their confidence and skills. We offer a range of programmes which can be tailored to suit individual needs. If you think EAQ Manor Farm might be for you or your child, contact us for an informal chat or a free taster session.

Our animals

Sir Stanley

I am a friendly terrier who gives an enthusiastic welcome to our learners. I enjoy exploring the farm and going for long walks. They call me Sir Stanley because I am a very special dog.


My name is Gracie. I came to EAQ Manor Farm from Hill Pony Resources, an organisation that specialises in the rescue of Dartmoor Hill Ponies like me. I love it here and have decided to stay permanently. 


My name is Fynn and I came with Gracie from Hill Pony Resources for a six month holiday to EAQ Manor Farm. I too am a proud Dartmoor Hill Pony and I am enjoying my time here in south Somerset so much that I am going to make it my home.


I am a gentle horse with high standards and a refined palate and I enjoy being with young children. I’m easy going but will put the other horses in their place when I need to.


I am a small Dartmoor Hill pony with a big personality and I am in my absolute prime. I am friendly, feisty, inquisitive and I don’t need much personal space.  I’ll kiss you if you let me.


It is with deep sadness that we had to say goodbye to Blossom on 5 October. She was a truly wonderful pony who taught so many so much and touched the lives of so many. We will miss her.

Our humans


Centre Manager and Lead Facilitator

I have worked with children for the last twenty years, from pre-school to secondary schools. In 2005 I qualified as a primary school teacher. It was during this time that I began to see the familiar pattern of children moving up to secondary school without the necessary skills to thrive. Fortunately for me, the local secondary recognised this and created a teaching position for me, to teach the lower attaining students. It became apparent that even continuing with primary teaching ways, some of the children were unable to learn in the classroom environment. This led me to research alternatives and I came across Equine Assisted Learning. Horses have always been a part of my life and I am delighted to be able to combine my teaching skills with my equine experience to support our learners to thrive.



I am responsible for the administration and marketing for EAQ Manor Farm. My background has been in a variety of roles in industry; the latest of which was in a sales role for a global engineering company. Since leaving industry, I have held several different jobs; one of which was supporting children with special educational needs in a local junior school. It became clear to me very quickly that the children I worked with each had their own specific learning requirements – a lot of which simply could not be met whilst being in a full-time classroom. This experiences reinforces the work we do here at EAQ Manor Farm.




I am a qualified EAQ facilitator and have a Level 3 apprenticeship in Horse Care. I have also studied Fine Art and hope to bring this into my work at EAQ Manor Farm. I have been around horses for most of my life, and growing up in the local area has given me knowledge of the farm, village and surrounding areas. I take great pride in working with the young people and horses. 


Nurture by Nature

Spend time in our woods, making dens, exploring the wildlife and cooking over our campfire. This is a tailored programme for children and young people who need time and space to rediscover their confidence, skills and talents. Nurture by nature can be provided as a one-to-one or in a group. We welcome all children and young people, particularly those who struggle to access school and who have emotional challenges in their lives.

Free to Be

This programme is based on Nurture by Nature and is aimed at school groups who are disadvantaged and isolated and who would benefit from spending time doing a range of activities. We welcome enquiries from schools and can work with you to address the particular needs of your students.

Level 1 Animal Care

A practical, vocational course for those wanting to build knowledge and skills in animal care. Learn and discover talents through working outdoors and with our animals. Assessment is by portfolio, which you will be fully supported to produce.

Never too Old

A weekly group for people living with dementia who enjoy spending time outdoors, with a friendly group of people. We offer a calm and accepting environment, plenty of activities to choose from and we always finish with a cup of tea and a slice of cake. This is a new project that we are currently fundraising for.

Home Education

We offer individual and group sessions for children who are home educated, whether electively or not. We understand the challenges some children facing in accessing school and we provide an accepting and caring environment where the whole child is respected.

Maths and English

We offer one-to-one tuition to support you in improving Maths and English and in gaining qualifications from Functional Skills to GCSE. There are lots of opportunities to learn outside the classroom.

Holiday Clubs

Come to us during the school holidays to take part in a range of outdoor activities. Learn how to groom a donkey, walk a horse and light a fire. Our Holiday Club is part of the Somerset Short Breaks scheme.

Saturday morning club

We run a regular Saturday morning club for children. Give us a call if your child is interested.

Special groups

We host special groups such as children with ADHD and cub packs. We are happy to show you what we can offer.


We are interested to hear from anyone interested in volunteering with us. 

Taster sessions

If you’re interested in what we have on offer here at EAQ Manor Farm, why not take part in a free, no obligation taster session? We’d be delighted to show you around our farm and introduce you to our animals.