Sir Stanley

Lord Stanley

I am a friendly terrier who gives an enthusiastic welcome to our learners. I enjoy exploring the farm and going for long walks. They call me Lord Stanley because I am a very special dog.


My name is Gracie. I came to EAQ Manor Farm from Hill Pony Resources, an organisation that specialises in the rescue of Dartmoor Hill Ponies like me. I love it here and have decided to stay permanently.


I am a gentle horse with high standards and a refined palate and I enjoy being with young children. I’m easy going but will put the other horses in their place when I need to.



I am a small Dartmoor Hill pony with a big personality and I am in my absolute prime. I am friendly, feisty, inquisitive and I don’t need much personal space. I’ll kiss you if you let me.


I am a New Forest pony who is on a loan holiday with EAQ Manor Farm. I am really looking forward to getting to know the rest of the herd and work with & meet all of the learners.

Our Humans

  • Kerry

    Centre Manager and Lead Facilitator

    I have worked alongside young people (from 3 – 16 years old) for the last 25 years of my working life; enjoying 10 years working as a primary school teacher before transferring to a secondary school – both located in the New Forest, Hampshire.

    Whilst working in the secondary school, I became increasingly aware of how mainstream education did not work for some young people and began to search for a way of using my teaching skills in a different environment.

    In 2017, following 6 months EAQ training, I qualified as an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator.  Since then, I have had the privilege of working with young people and adults from many different walks of life.

    Working alongside our herd of ponies and young people has been a life-changing experience and has taught me patience, resilience and also to work in a totally non-judgemental way.  The horse’s behaviour and their ability to live ‘in the moment’ has (and continues to have) a profound impact on many of our learners.

    It is a real joy to come to work at our EAQ Manor Farm Centre every day.

  • Ian

    Director & DSL

    I am responsible for managing the finance, administration and marketing whilst also being the Designated Safeguarding Lead for EAQ Manor Farm.

    My background has been in a variety of roles in industry; the latest of which was in a sales role for a global engineering company. Since leaving industry in 2012, I have held several different jobs; the most recent of which was supporting children with special educational needs in a local junior school. It became clear to me very quickly that the SEN children I worked with each had their own specific learning requirements – many of which simply could not be met whilst being contained full-time in a classroom.

    Our journey to re-locate, open and run our own EAQ Centre has been fascinating and I enjoy each & every day as we continue to make a difference to the learners & families which we work with.

  • Mara


    I am a qualified EAQ facilitator and have a Level 3 apprenticeship in Horse Care. I have also studied Fine Art and hope to bring this into my work at EAQ Manor Farm. I have been around horses for most of my life, and growing up in the local area has given me knowledge of the farm, village and surrounding areas. I take great pride in working with the young people and horses.